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16/11/2021 – Edelweis Ritt

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For our November meeting, we had the pleasure of hosting Edelweiss Ritt (bio below) to talk about the semiconductor industry and policy in Brazil. This is a topic of much debate in Latin America as the only microchip fab in the region - the state-owned CEITEC - is being liquidated by the Brazilian government.

Presenter's bio:
Executive with strong business experience in the electronics industry, Edelweis started her career at Agilent Germany working in chip design. She worked for companies such as CEITEC, Semikron Brasil, Atacama Ventures and Unitec Semiconductors. Invited in 2018 to join HT Micron as responsible for institutional relations and strategic alliances, Edelweis has a degree in Computer Science from PUC-RS, a Master's degree from UFRGS and a PhD from the University of Tübingen in Germany.
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