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2016 Globelics PhD Academy


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The Global Network for the Economics of Learning, Innovation, and Competence Building Systems (Globelics) has successfully hosted 10 Doctoral Academies since 2004.
The aim of the Globelics Ph.D. Academy is to support the training of Doctoral Candidates from different parts of the world who are writing dissertations on issues related to the literature on innovation systems. The Academy brings together leading scholars, and frontier researchers in innovation studies with international Ph.D. students to inspire, and qualify their work. The Academy also serves as networking opportunity for emergent researchers to join high-quality and leading-edge research communities in science, technology and innovation studies.

This year the Globelics PHD Academy will take place in Pretoria CBD, City of Tshwane, Gauteng Province in the Republic of South Africa between the 20th of June 2016 and the 2nd of July 2016.
The 2016 edition of the Globelics Ph.D. Academy is organised by the Institute for Economic Research on Innovation (IERI), a co-host of the DST-NRF Centre of Excellence in Scientometrics and Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (SciSTIP).

The Globelics Academy aims at improving the capacities and capabilities of doctoral candidates in undertaking theoretically-informed and policy-relevant empirical studies on challenges and opportunities emerging from innovation in enterprises (firms), communities (households) and societies; the impacts of learning; and the interactive dynamics of development. In the context of the concurrent, global and interconnected challenges confronting contemporary world-systems, participants are expected to gain critical insights into the complex processes of sustainability and in framing alternative futures.

The Ph.D. training will be based on scholarly lectures as well as presentations from the Ph.D. students. Student presentations are expected to focus explicitly on their on-going research, its methodological challenges and contribution to the advancement of knowledge on innovation.

Participants will be selected on the basis of this General Call for Abstracts. The selection criterion promotes assembling a diversity of Academy participants. Special efforts will ensure that doctoral candidates from across the world are included with a special focus on equitable representation from Africa, Asia, and South America. The candidates from each territory with good curriculum vitae’s and promising research proposals will be selected.

To qualify for participation, the Ph.D. candidate must fulfil the following requirements:
working explicitly on issues related to innovation and development;
have successfully completed their first year of study;
be able to present an original paper associated with their doctoral studies.

Participant selection will be based upon evaluation of 1) an extended abstract of four pages describing the candidate’s doctoral research; 2) Ph.D. Candidate’s C.V.; and 3) a Letter of Recommendation from the immediate supervisor or from another senior scholar. Abstracts should be typed double-spaced in English, and should state the objectives, methodology, expected results and conclusions of the work, including supporting figures and main references. If approved, students should provide full papers no later than 10th May 2016.

Applications for Participation and Abstracts of Ph.D. Dissertations must be submitted before the 20th of March 2016, to the Local Secretariat Office. All correspondence must be e-mailed to:

The Local Organising Committee will be responsible for arranging the Travel, Meals, and Accommodation for the successful candidates. Funding is however limited and will be selectively awarded on the basis of applications – students must specify in their application whether they will require funding and provide details of their least-cost travel routing (Home city to OR Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg). As available funds are limited, all Ph.D. Candidates and their home institutions are encouraged to raise supportive funding.

Call for Applications 2016 Globelics Doctoral Academy.pdf

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