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The ASIALICS Organising Committee invites full paper submissions for the 14th ASIALICS Conference to be held in Tehran, Iran 30-31 August, 2017.

The main theme of the conference is Technological learning, innovation and catching-up in the context of international collaborations.

Paper submission deadline: 8 June, 2017

The conference will explore, among other things, the modes of technological learning and innovation within the context of international collaborations for successful catching-up. For West-Asia it is important to learn from the experiences of East-Asia’s successful countries while at the same time exploring its own way based on capabilities and conditions.

Original papers pertaining to the issues of technological learning and innovation, capability building, catching-up and even development in different levels (i.e. firms, industries or countries) are welcome.

West-Asian countries, especially the Middle-East region, is characterized by rich diversity of resources, religious heritage, warm climate, especial geographical location and somehow a turbulence political situation. Analysis of the role of each of those factors in the success or failure stories within this region is highly welcome.

For more information, including the call, important dates and registration, please visit the CONFERENCE WEBSITE

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