Call for contributions to a Special Issue for Innovation and Development

"Freeman projected into the future of innovation and development studies"

Purpose of the call: Contribute to the celebration of Christopher Freeman 100th birthday anniversary in 2021

This call is directed to young PhDs and advanced PhD students, working on issues of innovation and development from diverse perspectives

Context and relevance of the call:

Chris Freeman is an intellectual who deeply influenced our way of understanding the complex interplay between science, technology, production, innovation and development. While analysing the events of his time, he proposed theoretical –as well as normative- approaches of general scope. It is our contention that studying Freeman is a must for the young generation of scholars that all over the world are struggling to understand old and new features of the relationships between the production of knowledge –all type of knowledge-, the conditions of its use and the consequences for development processes.  It is worth recalling that Chris Freeman was not only a founding father of the National Systems of Innovation approach but a man committed to values whose universality we took for granted. The vindication of those values is inseparable from its theoretical approach.

This Special Issue will bring to the fore the way in which Chris Freeman’s ideas, reflections and proposals are integrated by young researchers of the Global South when addressing issues of innovation and development.  Freeman belongs to the future through the dialogues that young scholars maintain with his ideas. We are certain of the capacity of his intellectual legacy to help answering old and new questions: we want to express this in this Special Issue.

Characteristics of the contributions:

  • Short essays (maximum 3.500 words including references) explaining how Freeman’s ideas, concepts, approaches, helped each author to build their own framework of thought and to better understand their object of study.
  • A comment (maximum 1000 words) of a piece by Chris Freeman where some of his normative ideas are exposed (for instance “If I ruled the world”, Science and Public Policy, volume 28, number 6, December 2001, pages 477–479, but in almost all of his writings his normative approach can be found, so it is up to the authors to select the text)

Contributors may present texts on (i), (ii) or both.

Guest editors: Prof. Gabriela Dutrénit and Prof. Judith Sutz

Procedures of presentation:

  • Texts should be send to, format page A4, font Times New Roman 12
  • Would be authors send letters of interest until November 15, 2020, including the title, the objective ad the characteristics of the text (type i or ii)
  • Acceptance of authors: December 1, 2020
  • Texts would be received until February 28, 2021
  • The communication of acceptance of the text will be made by March 30, 2021
  • Eventually, suggestions for small modification could be made. Second eventual submission to take into account comments due by April 20, 2021

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