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Conferencia Internacional – A transformação da investigação no Sul: políticas e resultados

not conference theransformationComo apoiam os países á pesquisa científica publica tem influencia direita na capacidade dos pesquisadores para gerar conhecimento científico, e nas organizações para se adaptar ou aplicar esses conhecimentos. Enquanto que muitos países de Ásia, África e América Latina caracterizam-se pela magra capacidade cientifica, há sinales de mudança na forma como os governos estão apoiando a pesquisa e incentivando a ciência.

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How countries support public scientific research has a direct bearing on the capability of researchers to generate scientific knowledge, and of organizations to adapt or apply such knowledge. While many countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America are characterized by weak scientific capacity, there are signs of change in how governments support research and promote science.

In this dynamic context, some evident signs of change include the emergence of new or restructured organizations to steer public research or promote innovation; new programmatic directions within such organizations; increased funding dedicated to research in academic settings; and, new domestic and international partnerships seeking to expand participation in and application of research. A multiplicity of organizations and funding sources have appeared, creating a complex web where resources circulate with knowledge in ways that are reshaping research systems in the South.

This Call for Papers seeks to better understand the institutional, political and economic conditions driving these changes; their consequences in terms of building scientific capacity and the broader application of results from scientific research; and, the lessons for public policy. Proposals can address specific case studies or comparative analysis of on-going changes, either in specific research performing organizations or in the wider research system.

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