imagencyted proyectos


imagencyted proyectos


The activities carried out with the CYTED are framed in a Thematic Area called «thematic network to enhance the dialogue between the communities involved in STI policies» (COM-LALICS). The network aims to conceptualize the process of dialogue between the communities involved in STI policy, define and implement a methodology to improve it and thus collaborate with public policy. To do considers four major Communities: Business Community, Academic Community, other sectors of the Civil Community and Public Sector Community.

The main result expected is a proven and flexible methodology generated jointly by the Communities takes into account the lessons from the member countries of the network, which addresses the specificities of each society and to help better dialogue the formulation of public policies CTI. The network is part of the activities of LALICS.

General Purpose
Configuring a network to conceptualize the problem of dialogue between the communities involved in the processes of Science, Technology and Innovation (CTI), and from there, define and implement a methodology to help improve dialogue between communities and, Thus, the design and implementation of public policies CTI.

The study of the processes of dialogue between different communities involved in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of public policies in the Latin American region CTI is a pending issue. Part of the problem stems from the systemic flaws that exist in society: relationships between actors are not stable and clear, hindering the implementation of these actions and obtain expected benefits. Conceptualize and define a methodology that considers the specificities of the participating countries and to incorporate the learning of different contexts, contributes to the improvement of these processes of dialogue. The network, designed for the joint identification of underlying problems, learning occur in two ways: internal, promoting new skills and linkages between participants and open, to make available to the public concerned the results of this activity.

You can view the page CYTED at the following link: CYTED

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