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The Globelics International Conference 2020 Theme is: “Innovation Systems and Sustainable Development: new strategies for growth, social welfare and environmental sustainability”

The 17th Globelics Conference will be held in Heredia, Costa Rica. The conference will be hosted by the International Center of Economic Policies for Sustainable Development, CINPE, an institute of the National University, one of the main universities in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica will be the first Central American country to host the Globelics Conference. The Conference has been organized before in other Latin American and Caribbean countries, as Brazil. Argentina, Mexico and Cuba and in countries in all the continents. We see a big opportunity with the conference for the analysis of strategies to promote innovation aimed to define new strategies of growth, social welfare and environment. There is also a big opportunity to strengthen the cooperation among the academy with other key actors in the innovation system, promoting relevant discussions.

Important Dates

– Deadline for submission of papers   .  .  .   .  .  .  .  .  .    April 10,  2020
– Acceptance notification  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .   June 26,  2020
– Deadline for application for travel support   .  .  .  .  .  .  April 10,  2020
– Response to applicants for travel support   .  .  .   .  .    June 30,  2020
– Conference registration deadline   .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .     August 15,  2020
– Last date for upload of final version of paper .  .  .  September 30 2020


Get  here  full  pdf  document  ” CALL  FOR  PAPERS “

Conference Theme

The main conference theme for Globelics 2020 is “Innovation Systems and Sustainable Development: new strategies for growth, social welfare and environmental sustainability”.

The conference invites papers addressing the role of different types of actors such as the State, local authorities, continental entities, knowledge institutions, firms, industries, and political and social actors in shaping innovation and capacity building so as to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth. In particular, it aims to explore whether we need new approaches to study inequality, sustainable development, the role of SMEs and specific approaches for Latin American and other developing countries.

The conference will also consider the need to tackle new challenges related to innovation and capacity building and papers studying how systems of policies can be implemented at different levels and across different countries to innovate in order to promote inclusive growth, social welfare and environmental sustainability.


Conference Tracks

Accepted papers will be organized around parallel paper tracks encompassing:

  1. Science, technology and innovation for sustainable development: policy and practice.
  2. Agricultural innovation systems and development of rural areas.
  3. Strengthening national, regional and local innovation systems: the role of key actors.
  4. Creative industries, smart cities and sustainable urban development.
  5. Economic and social upgrading: trade policies, FDI, value chains and innovation networks
  6. Entrepreneurship, employability and innovation management.
  7. Innovation for inclusive development: gender dimension, indigenous knowledge, informal economy, micro and small enterprises.
  8. Systemic innovation policies, complexity, transformative innovation policies and mission oriented innovation policies in developing countries.
  9. Industry 4.0, digitalization and automatization: impacts and challenges for less developed countries.
  10. The green economy, environmental technologies and renewable energy.
  11. Catching-up, leapfrogging and structural transformation.
  12. Democracy and science, technology and innovation research and policy agenda.


Paper Submission

We encourage scholars at scientific institutions, universities, enterprises and public sector institutions to take this opportunity to present their work to leading scholars in the field of innovation and development. We especially encourage young researchers to submit papers.

Papers for oral presentations and poster presentation must be written in English, and the selected ones must be presented at the conference in English. Submission of full paper (in PDF) not exceeding 12,000 words (including notes, tables, appendices, list of references, etc.) should be made via the online submission form available at the Conference website. The selection of papers is based on a peer review process that focuses on relevance, academic quality and originality. Globelics reserves the right to use available software to control for plagiarism and to take appropriate action in such cases.


Travel Support

Faculty members and PhD students from low-income and lower-middle income countries with accepted papers to the conference can apply for travel support (full or partial). Application for travel support must be submitted at the same time as submission of paper. Application for travel support does not guarantee it. Further information on procedure for application of travel support will be available on the conference website.

Local Organizing Committee

Olman Segura Bonilla, Director CINPE-UNA
Jeffrey Orozco Barrantes, CINPE-UNA, Head of the Committee
Fernando Sáenz Segura, Research Director, CINPE-UNA
Keynor Ruiz Mejías, Proffesor, CINPE-UNA
Marco Otoya Chavarría, Director Master Programs, CINPE-UNA
Francine Nuñez Badilla, Director Administrative Department, CINPE-UNA
Suyen Alonso Ubieta, Researcher, CINPE-UNA
Rodrigo Corrales Mejías, Researcher, CINPE-UNA
Mary Luz Moreno, Researcher, CINPE-UNA
Leiner Vargas. Researcher, CINPE-UNA.

The 17th Globelics Conference will be organized by:

International Center of Economic Policies for Sustainable Development, CINPE
Universidad Nacional, UNA, Costa Rica

Visit globelics web


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