Globelics@20: Celebrations of Twenty Years of Global Learning

The Globelics network started 20 years ago, established in 2002 with the first international conference in 2003. To celebrate such a special occasion, please join us in these community-wide brainstorming sessions to reflect on the network’s past accomplishments and future agenda! These series of events are part of a wider collective exercise to define Globelics research agenda. The voices of emerging scholars will join those of the founders, with representation from all regions.

Workshop 5: Innovation for Inclusive Development

The Globelics community has actively extended the concept of innovation beyond industry to the informal economy, rural communities, social innovation, and women’s lives. How has the concept of inclusive development been transformed in the process, how should it evolve, and what influence can it have on action?

DATE:Saturday, 1 April 2023
TIME : 7:00 AM Brazil/ 12:00 PM CET/ 6:00 PM China

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