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Latin America’s Knowledge Systems, Innovation and Capacity Building Research Network (LALICS), Young Scholars Initiative – Institute for New Economic Thinking (YSI INET), and Red PYMES initiate the call for papers to the II LALICS/YSI-INET/Red PYMEs PhD Academy.

The aim of the Academy is to contribute to the capacity building of doctoral students for the development of their theses, both at the theoretical and empirical level, in subjects related to the analysis of innovation and development processes in Latin America and the Caribbean, according to LALICS research areas (

  • Public Policies Science, Technology and Innovation
  • Management of Innovation and knowledge
  • Internationalization of Science, Technology and Innovation
  • Innovation, Growth, Development and Inclusion
  • Learning, Knowledge and Scientific and Technological Capabilities
  • Social Studies on Science, Technology and Innovation

The PhD Academy offers the opportunity to connect students to regional and global research networks, in a space of interaction and debate with recognized scholars.

The Academy comprises three main activities

– Presentation of PhD these projects and advances;

– Workshops and Knowledge Islands with specialists;

– Discussion and networking with policy-makers, productive sector and academic journals.

Additionally, as part of the activities of the Academy, participating students will have a special fee to participate and present papers at the XXIV Annual Meeting of the Mercosur Pymes Network whose motto is «Dilemmas and challenges for SMEs in the current economic, technological and social context» to be held from September 25 to 27 in the same venue as the Academy: National University of Rosario. The Red PMES Mercosur Network is one of the longest-lived thematic networks in the region, with almost 25 years of existence with members from Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile and Argentina. It is affiliated to the International Council for Small Business, a global network of researchers with more than 50 years of presence in more than 80 countries. More information at: //

  1. How to Apply

 The students interested in participating must submit: (i) One recommendation letter –free format- from the PhD Supervisor, stating his/her support to the student’s participation in the Academy; (ii)An abstract of the thesis project.

Abstracts should have the following specifications:

  • Language: we accept abstracts in English, Spanish or Portuguese.
  • Extension: 5 to 10 pages. Font: Times New Roman, size 12, and 2.5 cm margins (both left and right), line spacing 1,5.
  • Structure:
    • Cover page (Title, student’s name, supervisor’s name, and affiliation, PhD program)
    • Objectives and/or research questions
    • Literature Review
    • Methodology
    • Analysis and presentation of the degree of progress of the project (partial results, discussions and implications)
    • Next steps

All documents should be sent to with the following subject: “Applicant’s name – Country where he/she does his/her PhD – Academy 2019”

  1. Important Dates
  • Deadline for abstracts: 31st of May, 2019
  • List of selected participants: 30th of June, 2019
  1. Travel stipend and accommodation

 For selected students living outside the City of Rosario, the Academy together with the organizing universities will provide accommodation from September 18th, 2019 to September 24th, 2019 (7 nights). Resources are available to partially finance the tickets. Those who require this help must specify it in the body of the application email, attaching a file detailing the cost of the itinerary. 

  1. LALICS/YSI-INET 2019 Academy Scientific Committee
  • Florencia Barletta (MECCYT, Argentina, Comité Organizador)
  • Paula Bascolo (UNR, Argentina, Comité Organizador)
  • Calos Bianchi, PhD (UDELAR, Uruguay)
  • José Borello, PhD (ICO/UNGS, Argentina)
  • Gabriela Dutrénit, PhD (UAM-X, México)
  • José Eduardo Cassiolato, PhD (RedeSist, Brasil)
  • Juan Federico, PhD (IDEI/UNGS, Argentina, Comité Organizador)
  • Manuel Gonzalo, PhD (IDEI/UNGS, Argentina, Comité Organizador)
  • Natalia Gras, PhD (UDELAR, Uruguay)
  • Graciela Gutman (CEUR, Argentina)
  • Patricia Gutti, PhD (UNQ, Argentina, Comité Organizador)
  • Rodrigo Kataishi, PhD (UNDTF, Argentina, Comité Organizador)
  • Helena Lastres, PhD (RedeSist, Brasil)
  • João Marcos Hausmann Tavares, PhD (UFF, Brasil)
  • Pablo Lavarello, PhD (CEUR, Argentina)
  • José Miguel Natera, PhD (UAM-X, México, Comité Organizador)
  • Hernán Morero, PhD (UNC, Argentina, Comité Organizador)
  • Jorge Motta, PhD (UNC, Argentina)
  • Jocelyn Olivari, PhD (FIC/UAI, Chile)
  • Fernando Porta (CIECTI, Argentina)
  • Cecilia Rikap, PhD (Université Paris Descartes, Francia)
  • Verónica Robert, PhD (UNSAM, Argentina, Comité Organizador)
  • Sonia Roitter, PhD (IDEI/UNGS, Argentina)
  • Jana Schmutzler, PhD (UNINORTE, Colombia)
  • Danilo Spinola, PhD (UNU-MERIT, Brazil)
  • Lilia Stubrin, PhD (CENIT/UNSAM, Argentina, Comité Organizador)
  • Diana Suárez, PhD (IDEI/UNGS, Argentina, Comité Organizador)
  • Marina Szapiro, PhD (RedeSist, Brasil)
  • Marco Vargas (UFF, Brasil)
  • Gabriel Yoguel (IDEI/UNGS, Argentina)
  1. Organizing institutions

 Llamado Academia de Doctorado Lalics YSI_INET Red Pymes 2019 Inglés

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