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II Rio Doctoral Forum on Complexity in Statistics and Economics


Call for Papers

The Economics Institute of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (IE - UFRJ), the Young Scholars Initiative Complexity Economics Working Group (YSI - CEWG) and the Latin American Network for Economics of Learning, Innovation and Competence Building Systems (LALICS) invite you to submit a proposal paper to the 2nd Doctoral Forum on Complexity in Statistics and Economics, that will be placed at the Economics Institute, in Rio de Janeiro, from 5th to 7th, May, 2020.

This initiative aims to strengthen ties between Brazilian/Latin American researchers in the areas of Complexity in Statistics and Economics. There is an increasing number of researchers in Brazil and Latin America working on themes related to the models of complex economic systems, agent-based modeling, machine learning, economic, ecological, social networks or demographic research, without a proportional increase in the support to conferences and other ways to permit the researchers to share knowledge and to accelerate the quality and impact of their research.

Topics of interest:
● Models of complex economic systems
● Agent-based modeling
● Applications of economic, ecological, or social networks
● New statistical methods on Machine Learning
● Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in official statistics
● Complexity in demographic research

In the forum, mentors and senior scholars are supposed to give feedback to the students, reading previously their work and raising comments during presentations. The audience will consist of PhD students and young scholars. Students are going to be grouped by research topic, presenting their work in parallel sessions. Each parallel session will be compounding by 4 presentations (20 minutes each) with time for feedback and questions reserved for mentors and the audience. We would like to give students the opportunity to present their research in a friendly and stimulating environment.

Students and other young scholars are invited to submit a paper, a research proposal or a summarized version of the thesis. Send us a summary with a size between 1000 to 6000 words. Submitted work will most likely be considered if it is fully readable and does not lack substantial sections. Please send your abstract in English. Financial support is available, although resources are scarce. Please indicate the need for funding in the application.

Please send your application to the e-mail:
Deadline: February 18, 2020

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