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NY Workshop «Alternative futures for Capitalism»

Organized by the States and Markets – Philosophy of Economics Working Groups.

The workshop Alternative futures for Capitalism (June 24 and 25, INET offices, New York City) will be an open space where young and senior scholars will elaborate on pressing challenges of contemporary capitalism while exploring the feasibility of suggested policy recommendations in a collaborative way.

Discussions will be organized in plenary Knowledge Stations. We will introduce a format that draws on the concept of playground of ideas in the sense that it encourages participants to actually create new knowledge altogether in a collaborative, stimulating and open environment. It consists of an open session where all the attendees are expected to answer to questions in line with the main topic of the KS, taking turns and elaborating on what previous speakers said. Among the participants, we want to engage scholars throughout the whole academic pipeline: young scholars (masters students, PhD candidates, undergraduate students), young mentors already holding a PhD and senior mentors).

Our program will include the following Knowledge Stations:
2.1. The future of labor under the lights of Industry 4.0
2.2. Rethinking democracy from a political economy perspective: economics’ broken promises behind the rise of extreme right governments.
2.3. The feasibility of an ecological transition that at the same time deals with increasing inequalities
2.4. Knowing the past to navigate uncertain futures: How the history of economic thinking may contribute in understanding the present and building the future.


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