Online Workshop #3. Emerging paradigm on technology capability upgrading: embracing green, inclusive and social sustainability concerns


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Traditionally technology upgrading of emerging economies has been framed within the catching up and economic growth perspective. A major new development is the changing nature of technology through the ongoing increasing application of artificial intelligence; the demise of the fossil-fuel-based growth regime; increasing concerns with equity and inclusiveness of technology. The new objective of catching up is not only economic growth as measured by GDP, but it includes sustainable development and green growth. These emerging issues and challenges for catching up economies are the core of the new research paradigm on technology upgrading. Is the shift to green growth of catching up economies an option or necessity? What does this shift entail for technology upgrading research and related policies? How to ensure that technology-driven ‘creative destruction’ entails structural change while avoiding exclusionary outcomes? The broader socioeconomic and political environment powerfully shapes technology capability accumulation. Thus the political economy of technology accumulation is inseparable from understanding different paths of technology upgrading. What are the implications for the technology upgrading research agenda?

Those are some of the questions we will be dealing with on February 25.

Presentation topics

  • “Catching Up or Developing Differently? Techno-Institutional Learning with a Sustainable Planet in Mind”

Tilman Altenburg (Head of the Programme "Transformation of Economic and Social Systems" at the German Development Institute)

  • “Leapfrogging on Steroids: China’s Green Growth Strategies”

John Mathews (Professor Emeritus in the Macquarie Business School at Macquarie University)

  • “Innovation for Inclusive Structural Change”

Tommaso Ciarli (Senior Research Fellow at the Science Policy Research Unit, Sussex University)

Maria Savona (Professor of Innovation and Evolutionary Economics at the Science Policy Research Unit, Sussex University)

Jodie Thorpe (Research Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies)

  • “Evolutionary Spheres that Condition the Technological Capabilities Accumulation in Latin America”

Gabriela Dutrénit (Coordinador of the posgraduate studies on economics, management and policies of innovation at Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana)

José Miguel Natera (Research Fellow at CONACYT, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana)

Martín Puchet (Professor at the School of Economics, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana)

Alexandre O. Vera Cruz (Professor at the Economics and Innovation Management Graduate Program, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana)

Co-Organized by:

Institute for International Science and Technology Policy (George Washington University)
InSysPo - Innovation Systems, Strategies and Policy (Department of Science and Technology Policy - University of Campinas)
UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies - University College London
Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge (National Research University/Higher School of Economics)
Seoul National University

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