Noti 1 Research Assistant

Research Assistant with a literature survey on Open Innovation Systems


Noti 2 Research Assistant

Short-Term Research Consultation

Title of the assignment: “Open Innovation Systems: A review of the existing literature”

  • Assignment start date: No later than 28 February
  • Deadline for completion: 29 March 2017
  • Budget: 3,500 €.

In connection with a position paper to be published in the European Journal of Development Research, in a special issue about Innovation Systems in the Era of Global Value Chains, we are looking for a person who can assist us in undertaking a literature review on Open Innovation Systems.

The task includes identifying and summarizing the relevant literature and should be finalized no later than 29 March 2017. If you wish to bid for this task, please send your CV. The detailed definition of the assignments is to be defined upon deliberations with the guest editors. Please send your tender no later than 24 February 2017 to

See the CALL for further information.


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