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Segundo Taller MEDAlics y Escuela para Estudiantes de Doctorado

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El Segundo Taller MEDAlics y la Escuela para doctores estan abiertas a los estudiantes de Doctorado  que hayan completado al menos el primer año de estudios de posgrado y que están trabajando en su tesis.


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 MEDAlics Workshop and PhD Academy is open to Ph.D. students who have completed at least their first year of graduate studies and who are working on their thesis.

The Ph.D. students will be given the opportunity to present their work and receive valuable feedback from the discussants and the invited speakers. Student presentations are expected to focus explicitly on the students’ on-going research, methodological challenges and contributions to the advancement of knowledge. In addition, other activities including policy lectures, panel discussion and visit to relevant «sites of innovation» are part of the program.

The abstracts, CVs and letters of recommendation should be sent through e-mail before 15th of June 2015 at the following address:

More information in:Second Workshop & Ph.D. Academy MEDAlalics


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