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STI Forum 2017: launch of Call for Innovations


2017 STI Forum Noti 2

In preparation for the Forum, a Global Call for Innovations is launched with the aim of finding scientific and technological innovations that are helping accelerate progress towards any one or more of the six SDGs that are the focus of the STI Forum 2017. The Call for Innovations will highlight solutions from diverse sources and communities, originating in different parts of the world, and focus on those technologies that aim to help the poorest and most vulnerable.

All innovations are welcome and will be reviewed carefully.  This year, special emphasis will be placed in learning about those innovations where the Internet may have played a significant role in knowledge sharing and technology transfer.

The Call for Innovations is part of a networking forum, developed by the United Nations (Department of Economic and Social Affairs) in collaboration with the Global Innovation Exchange.

Innovators are invited to submit their solutions between February 24, 2017 to March 21, 2017

Call for Innovations for the SDGs 2017

A number of exceptional and inspiring innovations will be showcased during the STI Forum 2017, attended by senior policy-makers, investors and foundations, private sector leaders, civil society and key representatives of the global scientific and technological communities.

All innovations submitted can elect to join the Global Innovation Exchange, which will allow innovators to access funding opportunities, locate complementary resources to support innovation, and will help to identify where other innovators are working in the same or related fields, as competitors or potential partners. The Exchange can help to create a community of like-minded innovators from around the world, focused on solutions for the SDGs.

For more information on the STI Forum please visit Sustainable Development Org website

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