Workshop Series: Globelics@20 Celebrating 20 Years of Global Learning

The Globelics network started 20 years ago, established in 2002 with the first international conference in 2003. To celebrate such a special occasion, please join us in these community-wide brainstorming sessions to reflect on the network’s past accomplishments and future agenda!

These series of events are part of a wider collective exercise to define Globelics research agenda. The voices of emerging scholars will join those of the founders, with representation from all regions.

DATE • Saturday, 26 November 2022

TIME • 9:00 AM Brazil/ 1:00 PM CET/ 8:00 PM China

REGISTRATION LINK • register/tZEsde6gqj4sH9fs-_2_Tqa7MK4hGMavGYCe

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